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Birthday Decoration

Manan Events will take care of your loved one’s birthday party. We’re your party planners, while we fret around about making your loved ones’ birthday a mega event, there are just a few things that we need from your side. To make the party stay in everyone’s heart for a long time, here is how we would plan it out.

Wedding Decoration

Manan Events Helps you to find the best wedding decorators in Bangalore because we know that Indian weddings are no less than an Indian festival. Indian weddings are so lavish and grand that everyone has beautiful memories. There are many functions at a wedding and every one of them has a unique atmosphere to them.

Corporate Events

Corporate events chiefly seminars, product launching parties, presentations, fashion shows, annual day celebrations, exhibitions, award nights, sponsorship events, brand activations, brand promotions, press conferences, team building as well as product promotion, etc. All the previously mentioned services are exceptionally well managed by the Corporate Event Organizers in Bangalore.


Getting married? Select the best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore. Find the Best Pre Wedding Photographers, Candid Photographers, Bridal Portrait Photographers, and Traditional Wedding Photographers in and around Bangalore on Manan Events.

Completed Events

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“What you need, is an Event, to remember for a lifetime.”

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Plan Perfect the Event With Manan Event Management Solution!

It is not every day that you throw a lavish event to celebrate an accomplishment or a special occasion. This once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity calls for you to go all out with the celebration to ensure a memorable time. But what party is ever a success without the best party planners on duty to execute it? This is why you must book the best event management team at Manan Events for all your special occasions. If you are on the hunt for corporate event planners in Bangalore, the best birthday party planners, or the best surprise party planners for a baby shower or even a Weeding event. Manan Events is the solution to all your event management problems!

Guide to a Perfect Event

The guide to a perfect event is the perfect event planner who will carry out the smooth execution of your special occasions with ease and without any unwanted interruption or mishap. From the decor to dealing with the vendors and grabbing the best caterers, the event manager manages all of it for you to ensure a perfect event. This is why you need the best event planners in the game, your favorite- Manan events! We will not just execute the most amazing event for you and your guests, but we also ensure that you get the best deal at the best prices with a home-like feel. A total win-win for you!

Want a successful event? Manan Events is the perfect choice for you!

Manan Events are the leading event management company that thrives to give you the party of your dreams. From baby showers to surprise birthday parties and even corporate events! Manan Events have got your back at every step so that you can get a successful event. Choose Manan events today and ensure a worry-free, successful adventure event. Explore the unique Christmas gifts, and Valentine’s Day gifts to make the day extra special. Also never miss to explore unique corporate gifts, experience gifts in Bangalore, and corporate gifts online, and make your employee’s day better and happier during celebrations.

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